Drama is So Overated

9 Dec

The story over LeAnn Rimes is getting old. I’m ranting because the more I hear about this woman and her infidelity story that was how many years ago? the more I’m like can we just squash it already! Yes, we are sadden by the actions that had taken place, yet so tired of hearing about it. I totally understand Eddie’s ex wife’s reason to get back at LeAnn but I feel she should have done that years ago when the door was wide open for some sort of retaliation. Now its like your just hungry for attention. Yeah your man cheated, okay say something about it then be done with it. Move on. Life is too short to be hampering about it. Leave the trashy talk and pointless accusations at home. Stop flooding tabloids and the media about this other woman and get a NEW life.  Then you have LeAnn, who in some ways is feeling the effects of her decisions. Though you can only play the damsel in distress for soo long. Its kind of along the lines of you reap what you sow. I do feel on the other hand the way she has dealt with the situation has been too publicized. Stop talking about it. If you need some type of psychological help seek it out. But retaliating against the ex is just plain messy. You clearly don’t want to be in the midst of the media like that so don’t cater to the ex’s attention, it’s clearly what she wants. I do understand the need to defend yourself, but nobody clearly cares anymore which is why she’s taking her frustrations out on you again. She shes you moving on and rebuilding your life. She needs to take a tip or two. Okay im done now. I hope im not the only one who feels this way. I dont just feel this way about this particular story, I do with all cheating scandals and their fall outs. Drama is overrated now. I credit my rant to TMZ and their recent story on LeAnn not being addicted to laxatives and not being anorexic.



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