Easy-Bake Oven & Gender Roles

9 Dec


Me and my sister had two easy bake ovens over the course of our childhood years. Our brother wasnt as interested in cooking with us (only eating what we made) because our oven consisted of pink and purple utensils and the oven catered to young girls. As a side funny note: to us on the other hand it was one less toy for him to break and misuse. In One Girl’s Quest to Make the Easy-Bake Oven More Boy-Friendly,this 13 year old girl has taken a stance on how a lot of toy manufacturers have placed specific gender roles on their toys. She petitioned the makers of Easy Bake Oven to change the appearance of the oven to appeal to boys. Her brother is the sole reason for this push. He is fascinated by cooking and she wanted to give him an easy bake oven for christmas. When she set out to get one she noticed that all of the ovens appealed to young girls and none of them catered to boys. She felt it was “detrimental to society” that the packaging or promotional material didnt appeal to young boys. She fears that the messages they were sending was that boys work and girls cook. She just wants a overall equal approach to toys that are appealing to young kids. She wants her brother to be confident in whatever he does and if cooking is that goal she wants him to know that its not wrong to do so. She wants the ovens to be also featured in primary colors to exclude any further discrimination. This young girl was courageous enough to speak on what society has been trying to keep consistent for years. I feel Hasbro will get the message and change the very thing that has made their toy successful to being even more successful. Good job little one. Your brother will be greatful in the end.

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