For the daughters & sons

9 Dec

For the daughters & sons

One day I hope I can be the mom who can lead her daughters in the right direction and respect her body and her mind and to not be fooled by the silly boys because I feel like what I did is high school is what girls are doing in middle school now… so does this mean by the time I have kids that sex is going to be brought up as a norm is grade school life?… (A tad exaggerated I know but its scary to think about how young people are doing things like that now) I just hope I can teach from my mistakes and if I were to have boys to teach them how to truly and honestly respect a girl and want a women in their life not just a toy to play with.. but even with something with such a good message as this it pisses me off that their is so much to do to build a girls confidence and so little a boy needs to do to respect a girl (there’s a paragraph for the girl and one sentence for the guy)

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