Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

9 Dec

Hot topic of class was women get degraded when they say they want to marry off rich but when guys do it its look at as “scoring.” What I was trying to say in class was yes I see where the majority of the class is coming from when they say it is degrading to women but instead of women tearing down other women I think that we should be turning to the men and look at them for the judgmental views. It is the men who know they are marrying a women who is marrying them for the money and it is the men who are also glorified if they have the Sugar Mama… I don’t think it degrading to women if another women says she wants to marry a rich man. I don’t think an educated man thinks women as a whole are sluts when he hears a comment like that or a girl in a mini skirt, not one girl represents women as a whole. It is the poor sucker that should be worried about having their spouse only marry for the money and should be left for them to work out not everyone else since it isn’t affecting them personally besides the fact it bothers them. They don’t represent women as a whole, they aren’t keeping you from your dreams, and they aren’t keeping you from an education, in fact I look at it as that is one less girl I have to compete with because obviously she won’t be going to far with a mind set like that.ImageImage

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