Supreme Court to hear Gay Marriage Cases

9 Dec


The biggest milestone of our nation will be heard by the Supreme Court in March. According to Time it is one of the fastest moving civil rights movement in American history. Both sides of the spectrum will be equally represented among the justices when it comes to discussing the issues. One interesting fact about this new push is that even if a decision was made, there is no guarantee that it would spark a final overall decision on gay marriage. The reason is because the justices are going to question if the cases have standing. There has to be a real injury to the plaintiff for the cases to be heard. If not then the cases will be thrown out. Its a wait that is both optimistic and uneasy on both sides. What do you think will be the outcome? Do you think the justices will further the cases and decide that they have standing? If so what do you think would most likely be the decision of most of the justices? Will history repeat itself on the stance of gay marriage, or will there be a new beginning to so many lives anticipating change, rights and equality?

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