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Al Smith Dinner

19 Oct

Here are the links for President Obama and Mitt Romney’s speeches at the Al Smith Dinner.  This dinner raises money for charities ran by the Catholic Church.  The two candidates poke fun at each other and themselves in their speeches. It’s nice to see them putting their differences aside to come together for a good cause. Their jokes about each other are pretty funny!  Check it out!   This is Obama’s. This is Romney’s.



“The Choice on Choice”

12 Oct

President Obama posted this on his twitter earlier and it got me thinking about about the fact that birth control and abortion are still major issues in American politics. It’s 30 years later and Roe v. Wade is still controversial! In our modern society I think this is just ludicrous! No matter my own personal views on abortion, I think that we live in a democratic society and we should not impose our own views on everyone. Not everyone in America is religious or against abortion. They should have the right to choose! Furthermore, I’m tired of these social issues being at the top of political agenda when we should be focusing on fixing the economy! I’m trying to give Romney and Ryan a fair chance and really consider their policies and plans. However, it’s things like this that just affirm that I am supporting the right candidates. What are your thoughts on this? Should these social issues be a major topic of discussion?

Response to the Malala Article

12 Oct

When I read this article I was so angered! It’s hard to believe that things like this still happen in today’s world! I think that she is truly one of the bravest people I have ever heard of. She knew the possible consequences of her actions but she still wanted to fight for what is right! She is an amazing woman at only 14 years old! I don’t know if I would even be able to muster that much bravery if I was in her situation. She is a true inspiration for women. I hope that things get better for the women in her country. I hope that her actions inspire other women to stand up for their rights. I know that it inspired me to be a more proactive person.

“Men Rule Media Coverage of Women’s News”

7 Oct

I recently came across this article that discusses the coverage of female related news that in the media. For example, birth control and abortion have been big topics in the news. These types of subjects get talked about a lot, especially during election times. Most male candidates speak about their opinions on women’s health issues. Most articles in major magazines about women’s health issues are written by men.The article also discusses that in media stories covering birth control, 75% of the quotes and opinions came from men. 52% of opinions came from men about women’s rights. The article also discusses that male opinions were the ones expressed in most media outlets regarding other important issues like the economy and politics.

What are your thoughts on this? Should men be the ones expressing their opinions about issues that don’t affect them? Should they be allowed to decided if a woman has a right to use birth control or get an abortion. Personally, I think that it is admirable if a man is in support of women’s rights out of concern for the women in his life or just women in general. However, I don’t agree with a man telling me what do to do with my body. A man does not have to go through a pregnancy. The man is not forced to raise a child resulting in an unwanted pregnancy. In today’s society, basically the only legal obligation a man has to a child, is a financial one. A woman really does not have that choice unless they chose to be a negligent parent. I’m not saying that I would choose to have an abortion, I just don’t think that a man or woman for that matter has the right to tell me that I can’t. I also think that after reading this article, that women need to have a bigger voice in media regarding women’s issues. I think that female readers would benefit from a woman’s opinion on these issues. I’m not sure if I like this male dominated perspective about issues that really don’t affect them.  So do you all agree?

The Noble Prize in Literature Could Go To Who????

23 Sep

Sorry in advance but this my rant for the day. I recently came across an article discussing one group’s list of possible Nobel Prize in literature winners and their odds of winning. I was shocked to see that the popular erotica novel 50 Shades of Grey made it on the list… Personally, I have no problem if a person is a fan of this novel. However, I’m a little angry that it would even be considered for a Nobel Prize! I know the odds are only 500/1 but this is just ludicrous to me! The novel is not even well written! It’s basically pornographic in nature and does not positively impact humanity in any way! I don’t see what would put in on this list! Is popularity enough to constitute a Noble Prize these days? In my opinion, there are so many more worthy works of literature that could be on this list! What are your thoughts? Do you like this book? Should it be considered for the Nobel Prize?


The Help

19 Sep

If you haven’t seen the movie The Help, you need to! It is a very powerful and touching movie. It focuses on the unfair treatment of African American maids  in Jackson, Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement. Several maids, along with a recent white college graduate, decided to write a book to call attention to the issue. It causes social scandal in their town but becomes a best selling book. Recently I came across and article that draws the parallels between the film and the treatment of domestic help in today’s society. Just like in the book, today a minority group is exploited for their services (in today’s society it is mainly the Hispanic community). They are worked hard, are paid less than they should be, and receive no benefits. In the film, maids raised the children of the families that they worked for. Today, many women rely on nannies to raise their children. Sometimes this is because the mothers work, but not always. To me, I clearly see the parallel between the two time periods. So what do you all think? Do you see the similarities between the film and life for domestic help today? Do you think they need to fight for their civil rights? Why do you think that such behavior is still acceptable today so long after the Civil Rights Movement?

The Contraception Debate

18 Sep

Under President Obama’s new healthcare laws, insurance companies can no longer charge a copay for birth control. Some insurances companies are exempt from this, if they have not changed their plans significantly since 2010. Religious based insurance companies and organizations are also required to offer free birth control. They have been given a year to comply with these new rules. This has angered many of the groups and they claim that this violates religious freedom. What do you all think? Should birth control be free? Do you think the requirements placed on these religious groups violate their rights to religious freedom?


Judge Tells Woman to Adjust to Domestic Abuse

16 Sep

In India, a woman recently filed for divorce from her husband who had been abusing her. Her attorney presented photographic evidence of the abuse and was able to prove the abuse had indeed been going on. The judge however does not want to grant the divorce. He basically blamed the woman for provoking the abuse. He claimed that the woman should have to adjust to the abuse and accept it because her husband financially supports her. This judge has been know to make sexist remarks and rulings. Things like this go on in other countries all the time! Even in this country, women are sometimes blamed for domestic abuse. Do you think the woman has the right to her divorce? Should the husband be prosecuted? Should this judge lose his job? I think that he should! This woman is trying to remove herself and her children from an unhealthy situation. This judge has no right to stop her. Domestic abuse is never ok! What are all of your thoughts on this story?





“The Truth About Diet Soda”

16 Sep

If any of you lovely ladies are diet soda addicts like me, you might want to read this! We all know that drinking water is the most healthy choice, but for some of us, we need something different sometimes! I’ve always chosen diet soda over regular because I though it was the more healthy choice. I also thought that regular soda tasted too sweet. It turns out that diet soda is not really a healthy choice. It can cause you to prefer and crave sweeter foods and has been linked to getting Type II Diabetes. This is something that I was unaware of! I will definitely be drinking less diet soda!


A League of Their Own

16 Sep

Has anyone seen the movie A League of Their Own? If not, it is definitely a film you should check out! It’s one of my personal favorites and they’ve been showing it on ABC Family all weekend! It’s also on Netflix right now! The film stars Tom Hanks and Geena Davis. The movie is basically a fictional account of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. The League was founded during WWII do compensate for some many male professional baseball players leaving for war. The goal was to keep baseball going, while the boys were at war, to keep the American people entertained. Some businessmen decided to become owners and started a baseball league for women. They story centers around two sisters and their experiences in the league. One thing that really struck me while watching the movie, that I never thought about before, is that this league was considered temporary and these players were disposable. Towards the end of the film, one of the owners comments that “he loves the girls in the league but that it’s too bad that he won’t need them anymore.” The manager of the league questions the meaning of this statement and the owner explains that the allies are winning the war and that the men will soon be back home to play baseball. When this happens, he won’t need the girls anymore. The manager is angered by this and argues that “We told American women that it was their patriotic duty to leave the kitchen and work in the factories. Now are we going to send them back to the kitchen?” The owner responds by saying “Should we send the men coming home from war to the kitchen?” The hard truth is that women were sent back to the home and kitchen after WWII and socially suppressed. This caused widespread depression among women in the 1950’s. To me, it’s like they got a taste of independence and freedom and then it was all taken away! What are your thoughts on this? Do you think such an oppression could happen to American women today?

Here’s a link for the trailer!