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The Feminine Mistake

5 Jan



I found this book and decided it would be an interesting thing to look into because I’ve been trying to figure out how I could ever balance a large family and a career in politics or law. The author Leslie Bennetts interviewed many women, some with careers and some stay-at-home parents to determine the economic impacts of being a stay at home parent. She clearly does not think being a stay at home parent is a good financial decision and sometimes it seems as though she may be bashing the idea of stay at home parents but I definitely can see where she is coming from.

She talks about these women who have been stay at home parents for their whole adult lives and have therefore never contributed to 401K or a pension plan. While this isn’t a problem at the time, when their spouse divorces them, passes away, or gets a bad illness, the women are left to pick up the pieces and sometimes aren’t able to do that. She writes about women who have struggled and barely made ends meet after things like this have happened because they do not have the skill set to get back in the work force after a tragedy. The author does go on some tangents about the value of being a stay at home parent and while she supports stay at home parents, she talks about “full-time mommys” and those women who believe their job could be done by no one else. She goes on to say that women who identify not as a stay at home parent but a full time mommy are trying to make it seem as though women cannot have a career and be a mommy, as if they turn off being a mom when they are at work.

I’ve never been one to think of being a stay at home parent, for personal reasons not as anything against stay at home parents but I got to thinking about what would happen in those situations. If the income somehow stops, what is a woman to do? I also was struck by the “full time mommy” section. I’m not a parent and was personally offended by that comment. My mom worked my whole life and I still always considered her a mom.

How does being a stay at home parent effect women economically and is self-labeling as a full time mommy offensive to working parents?

Is the military draft sexist?

7 Dec

I’m discussing the military with some girls who have parents in different branches and we started talking about the military draft. I know when I was 18 I did not have to register for the draft but every male I’ve met has. I decided to do some research and the  Selective Service System states that all men must register but not women. Is the military draft sexist by not requiring women to register?

Vogue takes on media images of women

5 Dec


Clicking around youtube I found a video of an interview with Tyra Banks where she addresses the spring 2012 decision Vogue made to refuse to work with models who are underage or show signs of an eating disorder. Vogue has made this decision in order to show a more positive role model for young girls and promote healthy body image for women. I think this is a brilliant idea and shows that the media does pay attention to how it affects young women. In the video she makes a good point about how when young boys see a sports figure, they do not get upset they don’t look like their idols yet young women are constantly bombarded with images and messages that we need to look a certain way. I never thought of the media in this way but do you think there is a lot less pressure on males to look a certain way over females?

Air Force Outstanding Airmen 2012

3 Dec

This weekend I visited the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH. In a hallway leading to an exhibit there was a display of the Air Force Outstanding Airmen of 2012 so I decided to stop and look. Of the 12 recipients, 3 were women. A small number I’ll admit but at least women have been recognized for their accomplishments in the Air Force. These three women are helping pave the way for military women to accomplish great things.


Bryenna L Brooks is an aerospace medical services technician who provided medical support at a medical clinic in Afghanistan.


Sandra L Plentzas is a chapel operations superintendent who helped extend the Luke Air Force Base’s ministry to over 2,000 airmen.


Laura A Callaway is a physical medical/emergency department support who lead the Air Force’s largest physical medicine and emergency departments.


Politics of Reality: Response

3 Dec

The author discusses how the definition of lesbian does not exist and how that shows the oppression of women in the world. She talks about how this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it allows a group of women to define themselves regardless of what the definition may be. Men have the ability to show dominance over women and use that to keep women in oppression. The in class activity relates to the article because we were able to see from different perspectives what it is like to be the outsider, the oppressed and the oppressor.  When we were outside, we were cut off from the rest of the world, our classroom, and had to fend for ourselves. Obviously in a classroom setting it is far less scary than in the real world but it represents those women who are not able to act on their own to better themselves. The article discusses empowerment and how women should feel empowered to stand up for themselves as to not be ignored or swept under the rug. Being outside the classroom, we were in a position to stand up for ourselves and not be ignored by those in power, or those in the classroom. On the table, we were the oppressed. We weren’t able to stand up for ourselves and it was a bit like being on display. We weren’t people with thoughts and feelings, we were objects being scrutinized. The author discusses how women are the oppressed and just go through day by day doing what needs to get done. At the back of the room, we were the oppressors. We had the ability to open the door and let outsiders in, but we didn’t. We had the power to turn off the light, but we didn’t. Those little things symbolized how much power we had over our classmates and the power men have over women.

Military discrimination against women

28 Nov

In 1994 the Department of Defense made the decision to bar all women from joining direct ground combat units in the Marines. This is an of itself seems like an odd rule to have and I have no idea what their rationale may have been at the time. The American Civil Liberties Union is now representing women and the Service Women’s Action Network who feel that this rule is discriminatory and has kept them from getting promotions. This Los Angeles  Time article summarizes the story and states the US District Court in San Francisco found the rule unconstitutional. There seems to be a lot of support for ending this rule. Time reported that Marine men and women see no problem with allowing women into direct ground combat units and argues that by discriminating against women it is ruining morale and hurt unit cohesion.

Passed up for promotions?

27 Nov

I was catching up on my hometown news via a blog written as a news source by a family friend. He recently covered the Kenosha Sheriff Department promotions. Normally, I wouldn’t pay much attention to it but I couldn’t  help but notice all the promotions and re-assignments were men. Now, in my hometown cops are around constantly for events and fairs and whatnot and they are always in uniform. There are quite a few female officers on the Sheriff Department but not a single one of the seven positions went to a female. I know more goes into a promotion than just gender but it seems off that not a single promotion went to a female. Why are no women in positions of power at this police department and more importantly is the criminal justice system biased toward men?


A new addition to “the talk”

26 Nov


I found this article in Time that argues that doctors should discuss emergency contraception with their teen patients. Currently, there is no data showing that the discussion of emergency contraception will increase sexual activity among teen. They also say that teens lack impulse control and are not always careful about using birth control. By giving teens an advanced prescription for emergency contraception, doctors are hoping to lower the number of teen pregnancies. Plan B is available over the counter but personally, I don’t think I would feel comfortable asking for it at a pharmacy but a prescription would be more private. The article does not advocate giving young teenagers a prescription but starting to talk at an earlier age, around the time of the “birds and the bees” talk and making it an option for sexually active teens. Should doctors be allowed to discuss emergency contraception with their patient, even with those who would never use it?

Marriage as a game?

19 Nov

On pinterest today I saw a shirt that made me wonder and I was a little offended. It made me think about the idea of marriage and what is means to get married today. The shirt below portrays a groom as an object out for catching and I couldn’t help but wonder if that is what marriage has become. Are we so obsessed with getting married and finding our prince charming that it’s considered a game?

There is also a shirt for men (usually) that has a bride and groom with GAME OVER under it. Even for men, marriage is considered a game and something they should attempt to get or avoid. Where has the idea of marriage gone out the window to the point where we consider it game?

Positive business role model: Pamela Love

13 Nov

I found this article on Time that followed the story of jewelry designer Pamela Love. In middle school she used to make bracelets out of toothbrushes (which I really want to see) and turned that into a business raking in over a million dollars a year. She learned how to make jewelry on her own reading books and basically figuring it out. Love lives a frugal life and doesn’t worry about anything except the jewelry itself. She’s been featured in many magazines including Vogue and Elle. Despite entering an industry that was shrinking, Love has done everything to make a name for herself. I think she is a wonderful role model of young girls. She broke into a tough industry and did what she had to in order to make it. Plus, her jewelry is amazing.