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Marriage: what’s the big deal?

7 Dec

Occasionally, and with all due respect, I find topics of feminism frivolous; it’s a waste of energy. Lots of energy.
For example, this past week when we discussed marriage and the implications of last names, rings, etc, I thought is this really that concerning? Why are you so willing to wear the ring? Because it’s shiny? Also. why are there women looking down on women? So what if a lady wants to be married and take her husband’s name. How can a woman judge her?

In my opinion equality is meant to ensure that all people have opportunity to pursue happiness and fulfill ambition. If a woman does not share in your prerogative, she cannot be considered wrong for it is her equal right to be different.

Lisa Miya-Jervis, editor of Ms. Magazine, is married. As a ringleader of feminist thinking, several readers, upon learning she had a husband, stopped subscribing. In her article Who Wants to Marry a Feminist,  Miya-Jervis (apparently her husband and she both hyphened their last names) tells her thinking behind marriage, emphasizing that the traditional concepts of marriage are not that big of a deal, in the grand scheme of things.

Tis’ the Season

29 Nov

I absolutely ADORE the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Especially because of the Christmas music.
I have included a variety of favorites to get you into the HOLIDAY SPIRIT!

Glee: the Cute

Judy Garland: the beautiful

Bing Crosby & Ella Fitzgerald: the classic

Straight NO Chaser: the original


Thankful at Thanksgiving

17 Nov

Today, in about 30 minutes, I am setting off for my Thanksgiving holiday. I will not be home until late Sunday night, but when I arrive, I will be in the presence of two incredible individuals: my parents.

Mom and Dad (left) on a company golf outing.

First, conveniently in the picture as well, is Dad. What a man! And, honestly, I do not think I have ever thought of this until this morning, but he is amazingly supportive of my mother, and of me. Approximately 4 years ago, my mom decided she no longer wanted to sell radio. Instead, she wanted to own her own advertising agency, be her own boss. My dad, who was then waking up every morning at 2am for his extremely popular radio show, said ABSOLUTELY.

It never seemed like it, but my family went on a major budget so my mom could pursue her ambition, but my dad never said a word, despite how desperately tired he was, always. He continued to be the main breadwinner, but he always focused on Mom and her efforts. He reminded her of why she was trying and why struggling would be worth it.

Today, my parents work together at ICR— My mom’s advertising agency. Still, he is in awe of her efforts and accomplishments, and he is no longer exhausted.

Mom is spectacular. She is all-enduring and lovely. Honestly, she is also hard as nails. But, I know there is no step too steep for her. She is such an inspiration. And, her company is such a success.

What made me think of this? This Thursday, Thanksgiving, my father will be the person standing at the stove. He has always seemed like the “mother” to me.

But, he’s not feminine… He’s just an incredible man who loves his wife, and supports the women in his life.

That is what I am thankful for. That is what I am celebrating this Thanksgiving.

“‘Cause I’m a Woman, Phenomenally.”

7 Nov

My name is Malia Manor and I am studying Legal Studies at Ball State University; in addition, I am minoring in Psychology and Interpersonal Relations. I am a Resident Assistant for BSU, a position that I absolutely LOVE. I have become, and intend to be, very involved in Student Affairs. This time is essential to the development of each individual, and I am very happy to be a part of that. I am a show host and Continuity Director for WCRD, a Senator for the Student Government Association, and a member of the Mock Trial Association. I am passionately interested in so many fields, and I am always looking forward to what change I will undergo next, because I continue to find something else I want to be a part of.

Why are you proud to be a woman?

I am proud to be a woman because I am strong minded enough to be successful and strong hearted enough to be true. 

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be and why?

                I’m sure there are many factors of the world that I would change, while simultaneously there are so many components that astound me. However, if I were to change something, for sure, it would be apathy. It stirs me so greatly when people are driven by that backward force, only to be brought down. Settling in this emotion bewilders me, for as soon as I detect these feelings within myself, no matter the recipient of my apathy, I push myself away from that sulking trap.

What are your future goals and aspirations?

                So often I believe I have this 100 percent figured out, and more and more I realize I do not. The last thing I want to hear, though, is “you can do anything,” because I genuinely believe I could find enjoyment in just about everything. Do I have a set career chosen? Not today, I don’t. However, I do know what I am passionate about. I deeply desire to work with those who have experienced emotional hardship and trauma. I would like to assist others in conquering obstacles brought on by their past encounters and current mental state. I imagine this will be somewhere in the realms of law or psychology.

How Effective is Funny?

1 Nov

1. These videos are slightly inappropriate.
2. They are HILARIOUS!
1. Do you think social media is an effective approach when trying to educate others about candidates?
2. Do you think these sorts of videos tear people away from the issues and cause them to focus on less important factors?
– If so, what are those factors?

An Even Better Music Monday Because We Are On Break!

22 Oct

I’m not a cry-er, but if a song could do it, it’s this one.

Amanda Todd’s Silent Story

15 Oct

After class today, I was really thinking about what the video had presented, so I wanted to look at the media and see what was on there today. I went to CNN, an accredited news source, and I was scrolling down the page when I came to a link leading me to this:

This article is about a girl who killed herself after posting a incredibly haunting video on youtube.
I then proceeded to look up the video:  

If you find time, watch the video. I thought this provided a powerful example of where the media can lead young girls.
Amanda Todd felt pressure to be sexually appealing to a male and that was where her downfall began.

When Read in this Order…

11 Oct

I’m sitting at the desk, just now in DeHority, reading the articles given to us yesterday. 
As I try to focus, despite the screaming vacuum surrounding me, I begin with 
14-year-old girl wins Pakistan’s first peace prize- and as I’m reading I think
about 1) The comment made about television is interesting. It is the polar opposite of the 
United States where children are nagged to not watch TV but study instead. 2) I wished the 
article would expand on what contributed to her receiving the award. 3) The article seemed 
unrealistic– perhaps because Pakistan chose a child/ GIRL.

I then picked up the next article Taliban attack wounds teen activist blogger- Once 
I started this article and realized it was about the same girl, my reactions continued: 4) I felt this deep
sadness and disgust at what had happened to her, but 5) It seemed like real life.Unfortunately. 

Trending: “IncestFest”

11 Oct

Recently, we have been discussing incest in my Family Law class; in light of that, I decided to search for an article concerning that unsettling topic. Initially, I was hoping to find some disgusting, soap opera- like story to entertain all of us, but I found something else, and I found it to be much more thought provoking.


I came across an article written for the Harvard Crimson, addressing the title “IncestFest,” meant to describe the existence of very close communities, or houses. The author of this opinion, Samantha Berstiler, does not approve of throwing the word “incest” around when the reality of this word is terrifying and should be respected.         If you’d like to read the article.


This made me think of several other relate able topics, which today receive little respect. Interestingly enough, all the topics generally have something to do with sex, whether it be incest, rape, or intercourse. Honestly, I do not know why this is. Why has sex become blase´? I realize that we are living in a sexual generation where sex, particularly before marriage, is more accepted and honestly, I think, assumed. But when did sex leave the realm of sensuality and seriousness and step through the threshold of hilarity?


Phrases such as “that’s what SHE said!” and  “under the sheets” are prevalent in everyday conversation, and it is not just among high school students and college students. I hear snickers for these comments from older adults.


Do you think sex is funny? If so, why? Does the joking make one perceive it in a less significant light?

Les Miserables

5 Oct

This Christmas, the critically- acclaimed musical, Les Miserables, is coming to the big screen! This is a film that I am really looking forward to, having seen it performed on stage; I think it will be interesting to see how it translates as a film. Setting aside the artistic genius displayed on stage, the story provides several complex issues involving women, one of which I thought related to the recent topics in class.

A female in the musical, Fantine, bares an illegitimate child. Upon discovering this, the women of the town shun her and they band together in hope of having her removed. The men begin thinking of her as a whore.

It is with this mindset that the foreman makes an advance, which Fantine blatantly rejects. Fantine is thrown out because of this.

I find this interesting for multiple reasons:

  1. The women are coming together to tear another woman  apart. It is amazing that they can be so cold to one of their own; however, it is common in so many scenarios. We have seen this in Women and Politics. It occurred during the Women’s Movement and during the introduction of contraceptives. Women will react to the situation without placing them in the other female’s shoes. They don’t think: What if this happened to me?
  2. Although it is frowned upon that Fantine has an illegitimate child, the men encourage it by making advances on her.
  3. The reason she is thrown out is opposing the advance. I think it is the idea of expectation. Society expects you to fit into the mold it creates for you, or else. Women shunned her because she did not fit the mold of a wholesome woman. Men shunned her because she did not fit the stereotype of a slut.I have included the trailer for the movie. It’s EPIC. Check it out.

What do you think the mold for women in society looks like today?