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10 Dec

Living MY LIFE like its Golden. Thats the motto I live by practically everyday. Life is soo precious. I will definately be living my life like its golden after finals week. Here’s a little cheer up music for our last and final Music Monday. I love Jill Scott and her music. Sometimes we all need to let the freedom within life live. We need to free ourselves of the chains, trials, weights etc and LIVE FREE. Life is soo much better when we all can be burden free. Enjoy!

All I Want For Christmas Is You..

9 Dec

In time for Christmas. I wanted to share my all time favorite Christmas song, written by my idol Mariah Carey!!! All I want for Christmas is my song. I swear retailers that play this song get every dime possible from me. If you play this song I am willing to by the whole store!. This is a pass to stop what you’re doing and break out in song and dance (which I do often). This song is beyond classic. Christmas spirit indeed. This song just makes me soo happy and im glad to share it with you. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

America In 4 Minutes

9 Dec

I’m in love with this video and the message it sends out to our American people.
This video was sooo amazing. I loved how he touched on several situatoins that our country overlooks. I love how in the background everything that he mentioned in his poem was writtin on the wall in the shape and colors of our American flag. So creative. I love how people can talk about our imperfections as a nation and calls for a challenge for everyone to get together and change our country for the good. His video was really inspiring. Everyone should definatley watch this video and get inspired to what to make a change. Enjoy!!

Ke$ha Concert More Important Than Jail

8 Dec

In a recent episode of “Teen Mom 2” teen mom Jenelle Evans is told that she will face jail time because of a violation of her probation. Evans had failed a drug test. Her probation officer wanted her to enter jail the same day as a concert that she had planned on going to. Jenelle tried to convince her lawyer to request another time for her to go to jail so she could attend the concert. Her lawyer told her that a concert was not a priority and that she should take the fact that she was facing jail time more seriously. Evans continued to argue that singer Ke$ha was her idol and that she could not miss the concert. Later in the next episode Evans failed another drug test and was immediately arrested. A friend posted bail for her. The next day she was urged by her lawyer to come see him immediately to go over her options. However, she did not and instead went to the Ke$ha concert.

I thought this topic was interesting considering the presentation that a class member gave over shows such as Teen Mom. I think this is a clear example of how these girls can be bad role models for young people. There are more important things in life that a concert. Especially something like jail! In my opinion, her first priority should have been to figure out a way to avoid jail time so that she would not have to leave her child. What do you all think about this? Watch this video and let me know what you think!

One Billion Rising…

11 Nov


Have you heard of One Billion Rising? Well, if you haven’t you may be shocked to hear about the striking statistics that show that one in three women will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. The One Billion Rising, takes a stand at the one billion women being violated and takes a stance on change by having one billion women dancing, starting a revolution, that is so revolutionary that you can help but join in. This year at Ball State, women everywhere are going to be joining in on this revolutionary experience. Have you heard of the Vagina Monologues? The One Billion Rising is the closing monologue for the Vagina Monologues this year, as the Vagina Monologues celebrate its 15th anniversary. You may think Vagina Monologues, why is this important to me? Check out this video by One Billion Rising and you will see why. I hope to see you all at auditions after Thanksgiving break. No theatre experience necessary. Just a will to dance and start a revolution.

“Gonna Be An Engineer”

4 Nov

How Effective is Funny?

1 Nov

1. These videos are slightly inappropriate.
2. They are HILARIOUS!
1. Do you think social media is an effective approach when trying to educate others about candidates?
2. Do you think these sorts of videos tear people away from the issues and cause them to focus on less important factors?
– If so, what are those factors?

Richard Murdock, Indiana Senate Candidate, makes Akin-like statements.

23 Oct


The U.S. Helping Women Around the World Get Out of Poverty

14 Sep

Someone had a previous post about poverty and I agree that it is a significant problem for women around the world. I also comment on that previous post explaining that a lack of education is a big contributing factor to female poverty. This video shows how the USAID is helping women get out of poverty across the world. The woman in this video has no formal education and struggled to make ends meat. With the help of the USAID, she was able to get training to help her start a business and improve her socioeconomic status. However, some U.S. politicians question whether we should be spending this money on these types of foreign aid. What do you think? Do you think that we should be spending this money on programs within the U.S.?

Here is a link for the video.

The New Woman in the 1920’s

28 Aug

This is a reel of film clips that show what life was like in the 1920’s. It shows a lot of ways that women changed in dress, attitude, etc. in the 20’s just thought it was interesting.