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10 Dec

Living MY LIFE like its Golden. Thats the motto I live by practically everyday. Life is soo precious. I will definately be living my life like its golden after finals week. Here’s a little cheer up music for our last and final Music Monday. I love Jill Scott and her music. Sometimes we all need to let the freedom within life live. We need to free ourselves of the chains, trials, weights etc and LIVE FREE. Life is soo much better when we all can be burden free. Enjoy!

Girl on Fire

3 Dec

Alicia Keys sure knows how to make a song so memorable and empowering. She is definately are girl (woman) on fire and she doesn’t look like shes about to slow down anytime soon. Enjoy

Stupid Girls

12 Nov

This song came out right around the time when Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson were really popular (think “is this chicken or fish?” comment). I love how P!nk is advocating not being like all the women who think they need to show skin or not eat in order to be pretty. The ending shows the little girl choosing to play football, which is especially relevant after the Title IX video we watched today.

Independent Women!!! (Destiny’s Child)

12 Nov

While I was getting ready yesterday morning, I decided to listen to Pandora and dance away to some of my favorite songs, then out of nowhere Independent women comes on. Not only am I a fan of Destiny’s child, but this song was a huge hit around the world!!! It empowered lots of women and even though I was a youngster when this song came out, I still valued the messages they were singing about. Im proud to be an Independent Woman! A lot of us work hard for what we have and want! No one can take that away from us! Happy Music Monday! Enjoy!!

P.S: This song was featured on the soundtrack to the 2000 movie Charlie’s Angels with Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore

just another music monday…

5 Nov

The music that celebrates women is old.  It’s new.  No Doubt it’s Gwen Stefani!

I’m Just a Girl from 2003.


“Gonna Be An Engineer”

4 Nov

just another music monday…

29 Oct

The music that celebrates women’s empowerment is old.  And it’s new.  And it’s Chaka Khan.

I’m Every Woman from 1978.

An Even Better Music Monday Because We Are On Break!

22 Oct

I’m not a cry-er, but if a song could do it, it’s this one.

just another music monday…

22 Oct

The music that celebrates empowerment is old.  It’s new.  It’s a Bitch.

Meredith Brooks from 1997.


just another music monday…

15 Oct

The music that celebrates women’s empowerment is old.  It’s new.  It’s Unwritten.

Natasha Bedingfield from 2005.