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Rights Treading

17 Jan

Rights Treading

Men Are Doing More

9 Dec


Amazing news: Men are doing more housework. Women in relationships are no longer expected to be the sole chore-doers.

According to an article on Yahoo News, cleaning brands are starting to market more to men, do to the changing relationship dynamic.This was the first year in Tide’s 66 year history they showed a husband doing laundry in their ads. And men are starting to be featured more in diaper commercials.

As of 2011, Men do 16 minutes of housework a day, up 2 minutes from 2003. Women do 52 minutes of housework a day, down 6 minutes from 2003. There is a huge discrepancy towards the time commitment between men and women, but I’m willing to accept progress as progress.

After all, men do a third of the housework today (I’d prefer 1/2, but we’ll get there). That’s way up from men doing less than 1/5 of housework in 1965. Generationally, men doing housework is more acceptable. Sociologist Dr. Scott Coltrane describes it best, “Gender roles fall away when they no longer make sense.”

Royal Baby: Forever Tied to Tragedy

9 Dec

The unfortunate events of the suicide of Kate Middleton’s nurse, has left the two radio show host to be reevaluated themselves for psychological reasons. Both host have gone incognito and have isolated themselves from work, the media, and even family. According to Mel Greig’s family and friends, they have no clue as to where she is. It’s sad that Kate and her family, especially her unborn child now will be forever tied to such craziness. It is too early in the investigation to show whether or not the radio station host are solely to blame for this tragedy but according to Time in Scrutiny Builds at Radio Station that Prank Called London Hospital, the overwhelming national publicity has shown their dislike for the two hosts. Like mentioned before it is a little to early to place blame. We don’t really know this woman’s state of mind prior and after the incident. To solely blame these too are just absurd. The media overall needs to take responsiblity of how they go about to acquire information. The lengths some will take to get the scoop is frightening. This unfortunate event, I hate to say, is an eye opener, example and a warning to all. We should be cautious in the way we report, investigate etc to get the top news. We never know people’s mental state.

Ke$ha Concert More Important Than Jail

8 Dec

In a recent episode of “Teen Mom 2” teen mom Jenelle Evans is told that she will face jail time because of a violation of her probation. Evans had failed a drug test. Her probation officer wanted her to enter jail the same day as a concert that she had planned on going to. Jenelle tried to convince her lawyer to request another time for her to go to jail so she could attend the concert. Her lawyer told her that a concert was not a priority and that she should take the fact that she was facing jail time more seriously. Evans continued to argue that singer Ke$ha was her idol and that she could not miss the concert. Later in the next episode Evans failed another drug test and was immediately arrested. A friend posted bail for her. The next day she was urged by her lawyer to come see him immediately to go over her options. However, she did not and instead went to the Ke$ha concert.

I thought this topic was interesting considering the presentation that a class member gave over shows such as Teen Mom. I think this is a clear example of how these girls can be bad role models for young people. There are more important things in life that a concert. Especially something like jail! In my opinion, her first priority should have been to figure out a way to avoid jail time so that she would not have to leave her child. What do you all think about this? Watch this video and let me know what you think!

A new addition to “the talk”

26 Nov


I found this article in Time that argues that doctors should discuss emergency contraception with their teen patients. Currently, there is no data showing that the discussion of emergency contraception will increase sexual activity among teen. They also say that teens lack impulse control and are not always careful about using birth control. By giving teens an advanced prescription for emergency contraception, doctors are hoping to lower the number of teen pregnancies. Plan B is available over the counter but personally, I don’t think I would feel comfortable asking for it at a pharmacy but a prescription would be more private. The article does not advocate giving young teenagers a prescription but starting to talk at an earlier age, around the time of the “birds and the bees” talk and making it an option for sexually active teens. Should doctors be allowed to discuss emergency contraception with their patient, even with those who would never use it?

Paternal rights with in vitro

2 Nov

I found this article CNN picked up from a news station in Virginia. The Virginia Supreme Court is heard a case that I found very odd. Three years ago, a seemingly happy boyfriend/girlfriend couple chose in vitro to have their daughter. The next day they signed an Acknowledgment of Paternity stating the boyfriend was 100% the father. The article doesn’t say outright but somewhere along the line the couple broke up and the mother stopped letting the father see their daughter. Virginia has a law that denies sperm donors parental rights unless they are married to the mother. The Virginia Supreme Court is set to hand down its ruling in January but it is highly speculated they will grant the father visitation.

How do you feel about this article? Do you think the father has any right to see the child?

“The Choice on Choice”

12 Oct

President Obama posted this on his twitter earlier and it got me thinking about about the fact that birth control and abortion are still major issues in American politics. It’s 30 years later and Roe v. Wade is still controversial! In our modern society I think this is just ludicrous! No matter my own personal views on abortion, I think that we live in a democratic society and we should not impose our own views on everyone. Not everyone in America is religious or against abortion. They should have the right to choose! Furthermore, I’m tired of these social issues being at the top of political agenda when we should be focusing on fixing the economy! I’m trying to give Romney and Ryan a fair chance and really consider their policies and plans. However, it’s things like this that just affirm that I am supporting the right candidates. What are your thoughts on this? Should these social issues be a major topic of discussion?

Reverse Inequality

10 Oct

In the past, marriage would strip women from ownership. When a man would marry a woman he would take everything, from her clothing to her name to her children. Women fought for decades to gain ownership over their possessions. Ironically, the roles have been reversed and I believe there is inequality on the other side. Men now are revoked their paternal rights when it comes to custody of their children.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau about one in six custodial parents were fathers. So 17.8 percent of men would acquire custody of their children and the mothers would gain the majority of visitation rights. But why? In chapter 8 of the Politics of Family and Fertility it states “women have a natural capacity for care of children and others, and that these natural gifts make it right, not simply convenient, for the woman of the family to provide or oversee its care (378).”

What about the fathers of these children? Yes they the fathers will provide financial care, but you can’t only invest money into a child’s life and have a personal relationship with your children. Although it is rare for men to face inequality compared to women, but child custody is an issue that needs to be addressed.


It’s the Law…

9 Oct

Check out Lady Parts Justice online. Liz Winstead talks about how since 2011 there have been hundreds of laws passed that strip away women’s rights to privacy and healthcare.


“Men Rule Media Coverage of Women’s News”

7 Oct

I recently came across this article that discusses the coverage of female related news that in the media. For example, birth control and abortion have been big topics in the news. These types of subjects get talked about a lot, especially during election times. Most male candidates speak about their opinions on women’s health issues. Most articles in major magazines about women’s health issues are written by men.The article also discusses that in media stories covering birth control, 75% of the quotes and opinions came from men. 52% of opinions came from men about women’s rights. The article also discusses that male opinions were the ones expressed in most media outlets regarding other important issues like the economy and politics.

What are your thoughts on this? Should men be the ones expressing their opinions about issues that don’t affect them? Should they be allowed to decided if a woman has a right to use birth control or get an abortion. Personally, I think that it is admirable if a man is in support of women’s rights out of concern for the women in his life or just women in general. However, I don’t agree with a man telling me what do to do with my body. A man does not have to go through a pregnancy. The man is not forced to raise a child resulting in an unwanted pregnancy. In today’s society, basically the only legal obligation a man has to a child, is a financial one. A woman really does not have that choice unless they chose to be a negligent parent. I’m not saying that I would choose to have an abortion, I just don’t think that a man or woman for that matter has the right to tell me that I can’t. I also think that after reading this article, that women need to have a bigger voice in media regarding women’s issues. I think that female readers would benefit from a woman’s opinion on these issues. I’m not sure if I like this male dominated perspective about issues that really don’t affect them.  So do you all agree?