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Birth Control Controversy Hits NYC Schools

30 Sep

I am a bit on the offense that the schools would suggest such a movement. I understand trying to curb the outbreak of teen pregnancy, but this approach seems a bit accepting of an action that young teens should be cautious of. I don’t think schools have exhausted all of their possibilities when it comes to this epidemic. It’s wrong to administer a drug that for one we have no idea how it will affect the bodies of these young teens and two even with the permission of the parents just doesn’t seem ethical. Young people misinterpret a lot these days, and I agree with one of the parents in the video when he said what example and message are we sending to the teenage population, that sex is ok and that you will not be held accountable for your actions?



25 Sep

I went on a random youtube video binge, and I came across a video of Gloria Steinam talking about the ‘feminazi’ and the degradation of the term ‘feminist.’
I have come to associate feminism as an extreme movement, but this video made me wonder why. I always said that I was just feminist when it came to reproductive rights. But I still believe in Equal Pay for Equal Work and having more women in higher offices and corporations. I feel like maybe I should own the term.


Plan B within New York City Schools

25 Sep


New York City Department of Education is launching the CATCH program. CATCH stands for Connecting Adolescents to Comprehensive Health. The program will allow young girls ages 14 and up to be able to receive emergency contraception without parental consent. According to the National Association of Nurses, the New York school district will be the only district to supply plan b within schools. Starting this fall, students will also be able to receive Depo-Provera. Under the CATCH program prescriptions will be written by Health Department Doctors, for such things as oral or injectable contraceptive methods.

What are your thoughts about the CATCH program and sex education within schools? Would your parents allow you to partake in the program? 

the right to breastfeed

20 Sep

A settlement was reached Wednesday in the case of a Colorado teacher who claims her contract was terminated in 2011 because she took breaks from the school day to breast-pump for her newborn daughter.  Colorado is one of 24 states with laws that specifically support the rights of breastfeeding mothers in the workplace.  (The right to breast-pump at work is now federally protected for one year after the birth of a child under the Affordable Care Act.)

“In the complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Ms. [Heather] Burgbacher and the ACLU alleged that the school at which she worked for five years didn’t renew her contract because she insisted on taking the time to produce milk at work for her newborn baby. She claims she was told that her termination wasn’t over job performance, but the conflict of her schedule of pumping, which amounted to 20 minutes three times a week. She said a supervisor told her to feed her baby formula instead,” writes the Wall Street Journal.  Not surprisingly, the school district claimed otherwise, but contends the settlement was reached to allow it to “focus on students.”

Burgbacher has since found other employment.