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Playing Unfair

31 Oct

      I watched the film “Playing Unfair – The Media Image of the Female Athlete” reflects on how the media portrays female athletes as weak, subordinate and sex symbols. Women athletes were not given the opportunity to be equals until the passing of Title IX. The law would not allow anyone to be rejected in participating in sports based off gender. Although the passing of Title IX legally granted equality to female athletes, there are still social boundaries to climb over.

The coverage women received differed from men. When sports announcers would say the name of athletes they address women by their first name and men by their last name. Once the video made this claim I realized I had noticed this detail before. When watching the Olympics this summer, my favorite sport to watch was tennis. I noticed when the announcer was covering Andy Roddick’s game he or she would refer to him as Roddick. However, when Serena Williams was playing her opponent they would refer to her as Serena.

“Playing Unfair” opened my eyes to how the media molds female athletes into sex symbols. The film would compare images of swimsuit models to well-known women athletes. The women had similar poses as well as wearing little clothing. The athletes would claim they wanted to show off their body because they were proud of how fit they were or it made them feel empowered. But the experts in the film made an excellent point; these women are role models to girls and young athletes should not think the only way to feel empowered is to pose half naked.

Gender differences in sports

29 Oct

I read this article in which University of Connecticut women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma suggests the hoop height should be lowered in women’s basketball so more people will be interested. He argues that women are usually shorter and have more difficulties making layups and other shots which makes the games feel slower and less interesting. In softball the fields are smaller, in women’s volleyball the nets are shorter; are these genuinely to help female players be at a level of men or are they gender biased to discount women’s achievements in sports?

Females in sports

15 Oct

I was reading news from back home and realized something interesting on coverage of high school sports. The two main teams back home are falcons and panthers but whenever it refers to a girl’s sports team they are the lady falcons and the lady panthers.

Why was it automatically assumed the mascots were males and the girls teams should be lady _____?

What example does that set for the females in the school? Do you think it puts males in a stronger, more athletic position and discourages female athletes?

Ladies Who Golf

12 Sep

As a golfer, this excited me.

Basically, this article talks about the recent progress made in the Ladies Professional Golf Association. More and more, the association is becoming easily recognized on a global scale. Women are competing at a more intense level and continue to see younger females on the course and taking home trophies. In addition to this, the L.P.G.A. is seeing greater support from sponsors and receiving more opportunities for tournaments and promotional events.

Girl Quarterback

4 Sep

High school senior makes history as first girl to play quarterback in Florida regular-season game

Erin DiMeglio, the third-stringer from South Plantation High School, checked in with about 1:40 left in her team’s 31-14 win over Nova.


Saturday, September 1, 2012, 1:10 AM

South Plantation third-string quarterback Erin Dimeglio drops back to pass against Seminole Ridge on Aug. 24.

DAVIE, Fla. — A high school senior is believed to have become the first girl to play quarterback in a Florida regular-season game, taking two snaps Friday night.

Erin DiMeglio, the third-stringer from South Plantation High School, checked in with about 1:40 left in her team’s 31-14 win over Nova. Both of her snaps came from the shotgun formation, and she handed the ball off each time before being replaced in the final seconds.

While no official records are kept on what positions girls have played in the past on Florida high school teams – about 500 girls have suited up for boys’ squads across the state over the years – DiMeglio is presumed to be the first quarterback to get on the field.

“I just do my own thing,” DiMeglio said after the game, as about a dozen reporters and cameras surrounded her. “It’s a lot of attention, but I just kind of don’t worry about that much.”

Fans were chanting “Put Erin in! Put Erin in!” during the final minutes, after South Plantation went up by 17 points in the fourth quarter. The two quarterbacks ahead of her on the team’s depth chart played first, but the loudest ovation of the night seemed to be when DiMeglio checked into the game.

“God bless her,” South Plantation coach Doug Gatewood said. “She handles it better than anybody else. She goes on the field, she has single-minded focus. It’s crazy. It’s great publicity for the school, it’s a positive thing, but at the end of the day that’s not why we did it. We did it because she’s a legitimate third-string quarterback.”

Gatewood is also the flag football coach at South Plantation, and urged DiMeglio to work out with the boys’ varsity last spring, saying she had a good enough arm to compete. From there, the idea was born to have her try and actually be on the team, and Gatewood eventually convinced her parents, Tom and Kathleen DiMeglio, that the potential positives outweighed any risks.

Her teammates have supported her without any reservation, Gatewood said. And DiMeglio has won them over with ease, first by being a star member of the school’s girls basketball team, then after football exploits such as throwing five touchdown passes in a 7-on-7 tournament against boys this summer.

She didn’t throw any passes on Friday night. With her team up big in the final moments, she didn’t have to, either.

“It was exciting,” said DiMeglio’s sister, Amy DiMeglio, who was on the sideline with her parents. “I think any exposure during the game is good. You saw how the crowd reacted. People are getting more comfortable with the idea. Some people blog about her and there’s negative comments, some inappropriate comments. People need to get over her being a girl and just look at her abilities. That’s what she wants.”

I am not a sports fan at all, but I thought this was great 🙂

and in other news, hell has frozen over…

20 Aug

Augusta National Golf Club has entered the real world and admitted two women.  And no bayonets were brandished.