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Rights Treading

17 Jan

Rights Treading

Royal Baby: Forever Tied to Tragedy

9 Dec

The unfortunate events of the suicide of Kate Middleton’s nurse, has left the two radio show host to be reevaluated themselves for psychological reasons. Both host have gone incognito and have isolated themselves from work, the media, and even family. According to Mel Greig’s family and friends, they have no clue as to where she is. It’s sad that Kate and her family, especially her unborn child now will be forever tied to such craziness. It is too early in the investigation to show whether or not the radio station host are solely to blame for this tragedy but according to Time in Scrutiny Builds at Radio Station that Prank Called London Hospital, the overwhelming national publicity has shown their dislike for the two hosts. Like mentioned before it is a little to early to place blame. We don’t really know this woman’s state of mind prior and after the incident. To solely blame these too are just absurd. The media overall needs to take responsiblity of how they go about to acquire information. The lengths some will take to get the scoop is frightening. This unfortunate event, I hate to say, is an eye opener, example and a warning to all. We should be cautious in the way we report, investigate etc to get the top news. We never know people’s mental state.

Vogue takes on media images of women

5 Dec


Clicking around youtube I found a video of an interview with Tyra Banks where she addresses the spring 2012 decision Vogue made to refuse to work with models who are underage or show signs of an eating disorder. Vogue has made this decision in order to show a more positive role model for young girls and promote healthy body image for women. I think this is a brilliant idea and shows that the media does pay attention to how it affects young women. In the video she makes a good point about how when young boys see a sports figure, they do not get upset they don’t look like their idols yet young women are constantly bombarded with images and messages that we need to look a certain way. I never thought of the media in this way but do you think there is a lot less pressure on males to look a certain way over females?

Texting the Teenage Patient

2 Dec

How would you like for your doctor to send you messages regarding your health. In the article Texting the Teenage Patient, the physicians do just that. I would have killed for my doctors to every once in a while remind me of healthy living styles and other medical importance type information. There of course like a lot of controversial topics, are disadvantages and advantages. The doctors in these cases are using social media to reach out to their patients and clients. On behalf of the physicians social media is a better way for them to communicated with those teenagers who are shy and embarrassed to ask question concerning their health. It is also a faster way to inform them giving that today’s generation is so fixated on what is at their fingertips. Then you have the ones who feel this might add to the question of patient-doctor boundaries. Should there be rules over content, hours, privacy etc? This is just a little overview. The article itself explains a lot more. Let me know what you guys think.

A new addition to “the talk”

26 Nov


I found this article in Time that argues that doctors should discuss emergency contraception with their teen patients. Currently, there is no data showing that the discussion of emergency contraception will increase sexual activity among teen. They also say that teens lack impulse control and are not always careful about using birth control. By giving teens an advanced prescription for emergency contraception, doctors are hoping to lower the number of teen pregnancies. Plan B is available over the counter but personally, I don’t think I would feel comfortable asking for it at a pharmacy but a prescription would be more private. The article does not advocate giving young teenagers a prescription but starting to talk at an earlier age, around the time of the “birds and the bees” talk and making it an option for sexually active teens. Should doctors be allowed to discuss emergency contraception with their patient, even with those who would never use it?

Judge: Hobby Lobby Must Offer the Morning After Pill

20 Nov


A judge has decreed that Hobby Lobby must provide the morning after pill as a part of its employee insurance plan. In this article provided by abcnews.go,com it is stated that Hobby Lobby is not a religious organization, so it must provide the morning after pill to it’s employees. The owners are religious and are fighting the new health care law. Where do you think the line should be drawn? Should employers have the right to pick and choose what insurance should be covered?

A Human Right

18 Nov

The UN recently declared that birth control is now a universal human right. Women deciding when they have children and how many directly effects their quality of life.  The UN study reports:

“Studies have shown that investing in family planning helps reduce poverty, improve health, promote gender equality, enable adolescents to finish their schooling, and increase labourforce participation.

When a woman is able to exercise her reproductive rights, she is more able to benefit from her other rights, such as the right to education. The results are higher incomes, better health for her and her children and greater decision-making power for her, both in the household and the community.”

I’m very happy that the UN has acknowledged the importance of birth control access, but real change can’t come until society changes. One example the report cited is that the Catholic churches influence in the Phillapines has completely prevented poor women from getting birth control. Lower income countries also suffer access problems. Hopefully, family planning will be more affordable and accessible as time passes.

Sexy Breast Cancer Campaign..?

31 Oct

As everyone knows, Breast Cancer is a serious disease. Lately there seems to be more and more campaigns that make light of it by being funny or trying to make it “sexy”. This article shows how the Susan G. Kolman foundation feels about these new campaigns.

I admit that I find the slogan “Save Second Base” to be humorous but I never stopped to think about how someone with Breast Cancer might view it. Should Breast Cancer be taken more seriously or should there be some humor in the situation?

Early menopause?

30 Oct

How many of you wear makeup? My guess is that the majority of you either wear makeup everyday or at least occasionally. This article addresses a study done that suggests that chemicals in makeup can cause women to go through menopause earlier than those that do not. Not that most of us in the class need to worry about going through menopause anytime soon, it is something interesting to think about.

Well this is interesting…

23 Oct

Here is a video of Mitt Romney speaking in 1994 about his abortion policy. I think it will be clear to you that it’s very different from what he says now… Personally I hate that he is changing his stance on so many issues. Even if I didn’t like Obama, there would be no way I could morally vote for Romney because, in my opinion, he lies. He panders to whatever audience he speaks to at the time. His policies change daily. It’s very frustrating as a voter! His stance on almost every policy has changed multiple times. What are your thoughts on this flip flopping? Do you find that this is a common practice among politicians in general?