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Ke$ha Concert More Important Than Jail

8 Dec

In a recent episode of “Teen Mom 2” teen mom Jenelle Evans is told that she will face jail time because of a violation of her probation. Evans had failed a drug test. Her probation officer wanted her to enter jail the same day as a concert that she had planned on going to. Jenelle tried to convince her lawyer to request another time for her to go to jail so she could attend the concert. Her lawyer told her that a concert was not a priority and that she should take the fact that she was facing jail time more seriously. Evans continued to argue that singer Ke$ha was her idol and that she could not miss the concert. Later in the next episode Evans failed another drug test and was immediately arrested. A friend posted bail for her. The next day she was urged by her lawyer to come see him immediately to go over her options. However, she did not and instead went to the Ke$ha concert.

I thought this topic was interesting considering the presentation that a class member gave over shows such as Teen Mom. I think this is a clear example of how these girls can be bad role models for young people. There are more important things in life that a concert. Especially something like jail! In my opinion, her first priority should have been to figure out a way to avoid jail time so that she would not have to leave her child. What do you all think about this? Watch this video and let me know what you think!

Not Buying it

7 Dec

ImageThe problem with this birthday card is pretty obvious… I was as boy obsessed as the next 13 year old, but telling a young woman that she needs to find a rich boyfriend to dote upon her and that this will only happen when she gets big boobs is shockingly offensive. A 13 year old girl has only just left childhood and she’s already being told that she needs to be dependent, materialistic, and have big boobs. As soon as she hits 13 is she supposed to reevaluate what gives her self worth?!? Great message…

This sexist Hallmark card was posted on Twitter in the UK. It was re-posted and criticized so much that Hallmark has stopped selling it less than 6 hours later. This was in part of MissRepresentation’s #NotBuyingIt campaign. Its amazing that we have the power as consumers to eliminate sexist products like this from society. We’re nowhere where we need to be, but it’s great that consumer action helped pull this off the shelves. 🙂

major fail…

24 Oct

…if you’re unattractive, then you’re a bad female. But if you’re attractive, you’re a bad academic.

Here’s the classic example of “we’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t.”  (Follow all of the links.  Trust me, it’s “worth” the effort.)

Hat tip:  Dr. W.

skinny MINNIE model

23 Oct

Okay, so our society tolerates the skinny/size zero models that walk the catwalk to show off designer clothes. However I don’t understand how a high end fashion store, Barney’s, is allowed to take a children’s role model/cartoon and distort it into a version of an anorexic model.

The cartoon Minnie Mouse is definitely as Minnie as can be. The Disney character is used in the “Electric Holiday” advertisement to represent what she would look like as a supermodel and the image is disturbing. If we thought the dimensions of the Barbie doll were out of proportion; Minnie Mouse’s arms, legs and even neck are extended in length and as tiny as a penciled line.

The decision was intentional and approved my Barney Executives. The Creative Director of Electric Holiday said, “…The standard Minnie Mouse will not look so good in a Lanvin dress.”Over 125,000 people have signed a petition at to protest against the altering of a Disney figure. Shockingly, even the spokesman of Disney, Nidia Tatalovich, is backing the department store in their decision to turn the innocent children’s character into a thin model.

read article the article

Fast Company

19 Oct

This article was in Fast Company this month. I was shocked how many key industries lack even one woman on their board of directors, and the gains they stand to make if they would change it.

Women are Worry Warts…..

14 Oct

After reading an article in Time magazine about how women produce more stress when reading bad news, I realized how stereotypical it was. Scientists found that women stress levels did not alter while receiving the bad news but the stories made them more reactive to stressful situations afterwards. The magazine claims the reasoning behind the stress levels was because the lead author Marie-France Marin says “it could be that they carry the [emotional] load longer than men, which could also influence their memory.”

The article goes on warning women to be aware of what type of news they are reading because it will affect their mood. Unfortunately, this is not a joke and Time magazine gives women advice on how to handle “stressful news:” “For women, perhaps recognizing that they may be particularly vulnerable to news-related stress could help them lessen the burden by simply being mindful of the potential effect of mass media, or by engaging in coping mechanisms like meditation and exercise.”

Even if the study is valid, their generalization that women should maybe exercise to deal with reading bad news is outrageous. I don’t know about you but I read news throughout the day, hard and soft news, and my mood is not affected. But after reading this Time article I might need to go do some yoga to deal with the stress, since according to Time I am not man enough.

you can check out the article HERE