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Men Are Doing More

9 Dec


Amazing news: Men are doing more housework. Women in relationships are no longer expected to be the sole chore-doers.

According to an article on Yahoo News, cleaning brands are starting to market more to men, do to the changing relationship dynamic.This was the first year in Tide’s 66 year history they showed a husband doing laundry in their ads. And men are starting to be featured more in diaper commercials.

As of 2011, Men do 16 minutes of housework a day, up 2 minutes from 2003. Women do 52 minutes of housework a day, down 6 minutes from 2003. There is a huge discrepancy towards the time commitment between men and women, but I’m willing to accept progress as progress.

After all, men do a third of the housework today (I’d prefer 1/2, but we’ll get there). That’s way up from men doing less than 1/5 of housework in 1965. Generationally, men doing housework is more acceptable. Sociologist Dr. Scott Coltrane describes it best, “Gender roles fall away when they no longer make sense.”