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Air Force Outstanding Airmen 2012

3 Dec

This weekend I visited the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH. In a hallway leading to an exhibit there was a display of the Air Force Outstanding Airmen of 2012 so I decided to stop and look. Of the 12 recipients, 3 were women. A small number I’ll admit but at least women have been recognized for their accomplishments in the Air Force. These three women are helping pave the way for military women to accomplish great things.


Bryenna L Brooks is an aerospace medical services technician who provided medical support at a medical clinic in Afghanistan.


Sandra L Plentzas is a chapel operations superintendent who helped extend the Luke Air Force Base’s ministry to over 2,000 airmen.


Laura A Callaway is a physical medical/emergency department support who lead the Air Force’s largest physical medicine and emergency departments.