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Beauty and Brains

10 Dec

Beauty and Brains

In the most recent election, the Israeli government has seen a spike in women politicians. But the spike in women membership does not change Israeli’s views of all women in general. This article addresses the issue that these women were made politicians because they’re “beautiful” and a nice thing to look at. Though these women have potential to be great politicians and fix some of the issues in Israel, they are belittled by the media and their male counterparts. The author of the article Sigal Samuel says “Way to reduce a bunch of brilliant, powerful, driven women—not to mention some of Israel’s most successful feminists—to political pin-ups.”

major fail…

24 Oct

…if you’re unattractive, then you’re a bad female. But if you’re attractive, you’re a bad academic.

Here’s the classic example of “we’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t.”  (Follow all of the links.  Trust me, it’s “worth” the effort.)

Hat tip:  Dr. W.