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25 Nov


I found this video and thought I’d share. Bullying is clearly a large problem in our school systems. As I read more thing about bullying I cant help to think back to when I was in elementary school and bullying didn’t seem like such a big deal. I was “normal” for some kids to get bullied. I wonder what changed the way schools viewed bullying?

Amanda Todd’s Silent Story

15 Oct

After class today, I was really thinking about what the video had presented, so I wanted to look at the media and see what was on there today. I went to CNN, an accredited news source, and I was scrolling down the page when I came to a link leading me to this:


This article is about a girl who killed herself after posting a incredibly haunting video on youtube.
I then proceeded to look up the video:  

If you find time, watch the video. I thought this provided a powerful example of where the media can lead young girls.
Amanda Todd felt pressure to be sexually appealing to a male and that was where her downfall began.


Double Standard for Music and Relationships

14 Oct


Does Taylor Swift bully her exes lyrically? If she were a male vocalist, I feel like there would be some people upset by the insults she throws at them. The people she is involved with run a risk of having their personal stories shown for the world to see. I would feel bad if this was a man talking negatively about other women, and I feel that the same empathy should be given to the subjects of Swift’s songs. There are two sides to every story (and breakup) and while it makes for good music, lyrics like hers could hurt people’s reputations and make them feel even worse about the end of their relationships.