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Positive business role model: Pamela Love

13 Nov

I found this article on Time that followed the story of jewelry designer Pamela Love. In middle school she used to make bracelets out of toothbrushes (which I really want to see) and turned that into a business raking in over a million dollars a year. She learned how to make jewelry on her own reading books and basically figuring it out. Love lives a frugal life and doesn’t worry about anything except the jewelry itself. She’s been featured in many magazines including Vogue and Elle. Despite entering an industry that was shrinking, Love has done everything to make a name for herself. I think she is a wonderful role model of young girls. She broke into a tough industry and did what she had to in order to make it. Plus, her jewelry is amazing.

Female retail CEOs

30 Oct

Time magazine put out an article about women in CEO positions in the retail industry. They said that in all Fortune 500 companies women make up only 3.8% of CEOs and only 1.7% in the retail industry. The author believes it is because of the hectic schedule and big demands a CEO position puts on women who want to have a family too. Tory Burch, CEO of her namesake company, urges women to take a stand and be ambitious in their goals. In an industry aimed so well at women, why are there not more female CEOs?