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Our Voice Shoul Be Heard

2 Dec

post_full_1276122550women-politicsAs the red, white and blue flyers begin to be recycled and the repetitive politician commercials conclude American women can still feel victorious about the results of the 2012 Election.

The 113th Congress will acquire multiple firsts for women. The New York Times confirms that New Hampshire was the first state to send all women delegates to Congress. There will be 20 female senators, which, is the most in U.S. history. The first out lesbian woman and the first disabled woman will serve in the House of Representatives. Unfortunately women make up 51 percent of the U.S. population, yet in politics they are the minority.

Lieutenant Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is quoted in the film Miss Representation, explaining that countries known for rejecting women’s rights had more women in their government compared to the United States. Newsom said, “If people knew that Cuba, China, Iraq and Afghanistan have more women in government than the United States of America, that would get some people upset.”

According to New York Times female congress members only hold 20 percent of the majority rule in Congress. However, even though women hold less than a fourth of the voice, they still do not speak as frequently on the floor compared to men. Female congress members use only 60 percent of the time on the providing their perspective compared to a male representative.

Americans continue to witness misrepresentation repeatedly in the American government. Women were granted the right to vote almost over a century ago, but if women continue at this consistent rate “women may not achieve parity for 500 years” reported by Miss Representation.

Condescending World

14 Nov

We discussed THIS in class today and I said I would post it because it was something that hit close to home in a way. I feel like I’m always getting talked down to or having something explained to me in a different “dumbed down” version. I constantly feel like I am sticking up for myself and my ability to have an intellectual conversation without things having to be explained to me.

I was happy to see Tammy Baldwin stand up for herself. When Senator Ron Johnson tried to demean Baldwin, she shot back, “I was a double major in college in mathematics and political science, and I served for six years on the House Budget Committee in my first six years in the House.”

when women vote…

2 Nov

When women vote, we effect change.  We honor the sacrifices of our foremothers who paved the way for us and we pass along to our daughters and granddaughters the need, privilege and responsibility to do the same.

This fabulous graphic was designed by one of my favorite people for the 51% Club.

Now add your own finish to the sentence, “When Women vote…”  and leave it in the comments.

And then vote.

The power of voting

2 Nov

Just something funny I found on facebook showing just how powerful a woman’s vote can be.

“Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From the 2012 Election”

1 Nov

This article was written by a female blogger and talks about her observations of things that have gone on during this presidential election. She does it in a very humorous manner. I think she also does a good job of summing up the kind of circus that this election has been! Give it a quick read! I promise it will make you laugh! I feel really similarly to her. Do you agree with her? What are your thoughts about this election? What have you learned? Have these issues made you want to become more politically involved?


Ugh, more election sexism

23 Oct

This article from Salon talks about Stephanie Cutter, the deputy Campaign Director for President Obama’s reelection.  It discusses how much more attention has been paid to her, even over other campaign officials who are more senior in position to her.  It also mentions the sexist undertones of these criticisms, and that the searches people conduct on the internet are for information regarding her personal life, rather than her professional one.

The Female Vote and the 2012 Presidential Election

20 Sep

That is quite a gap. This is taken from the Pew Research Center, but the better poll is at TPM which I couldn’t get to embed in this post.

rocking the vote

20 Sep

Well done PSA, again from the Rock the Vote people.  The efforts to spark the young voters is admirable, and it’s worked in the past, but I’m curious if ads like this one, with the people this one features, is effective in jump starting a notoriously apathetic group.

What do you think?


20% in 2012

10 Sep

Today the US Congress is only 17 percent women, which puts us 79th in the world (our ranking just dropped again). With this election we could reach “20 percent in 2012.” That’s the name of a new campaign from The 2012 Project, MissRepresentation.org’s nonpartisan partner to elect women this year (#ElectWomen2012). The 2012 Project is part of Rutgers’ Center for American Women and Politics. 

“We need to accelerate the pace of progress” said Mary Hughes, founder and director of The 2012 Project. “It’s time. Women are ready.”

Check out the Miss Representation snapshot of the facts thus far.  Then click on your state.  And the other states.  Learn what you need to do to help.  Then help.  Any way you can.

20% representation for over 50% population in 2012.  It’s within reach.

a democrat word cloud

6 Sep

The New York Times has done the count and compiled a word cloud from the Democrat National Convention.  How many times did Democrat speakers invoke the name “Obama?”  (Tons.)  How often did they use the word “women?” (Lots.)

Find the count and read the context here.  It’s worth the time.