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The Females Take New Hampshire

7 Nov

Regardless of your opinion on the election results, you have to admit this is pretty cool. For the first time EVER an all-female delegation will serve in Congress and will have a female governor. Both House seats up for grabs went to women, both democrats who join republican Kelly Ayotte and democrat Jeanne Shaheen who are already serving. Also, democrat Maggie Hassan took the Governor position. How awesome is this?

How Effective is Funny?

1 Nov

1. These videos are slightly inappropriate.
2. They are HILARIOUS!
1. Do you think social media is an effective approach when trying to educate others about candidates?
2. Do you think these sorts of videos tear people away from the issues and cause them to focus on less important factors?
– If so, what are those factors?

Women voter stereotype

31 Oct

I came across this opinion article where the author talks about women taking backward steps in using their ability to vote. She points out that women are often too busy to read the newspaper or watch the nightly news, let alone a debate, to learn what the candidates really stand for and are instead voting with their “heart instead of their head”. She calls this the woman voter stereotype. The author is upset that women have worked so hard to get the vote years ago and aren’t even taking the time to get informed about who they want to vote for, or even voting. Do we take that right for granted?


17 Oct

A new online campaign from MoveOn.org which asks a valid question.  But why the nudity?  What do you think?  Does the nudity detract from the message?  Read Sarah Devlin’s take.


Discussion on Readings

3 Oct

It is amazing that although these court cases happened around half a century ago, we are still having these arguments today. Gov. Romney has called Roe v. Wade “one of the darkest moments in Supreme Court history.” How can he put that decision up there next to ones like the Dred Scott decision? That decision was reversed for obvious reasons, and yet allowing women the right to choose is the same as making sure slaves are considered property even in free states?

Saying birth control leads to more sex sex is like saying antacids lead to overeating. Just because doctors have found a way of making sure couples are safer while having sex doesn’t mean that there will be more people sleeping around. Just because doctors have found ways to treat heartburn doesn’t mean people will eat whatever they want because they know they won’t get acid indigestion.

Sex education is more necessary than abstinence education because we can teach children about sexual intercourse and basic biology. Then we won’t have politicians who thinks the female body has a way of preventing pregnancy. during rape.

stand up and vote…

18 Sep

Connie Chung reminds women how critical it is to register and vote, as part of this great resource for all women.  Research the Congressional Record and find out where members of Congress stand on women’s issues.  Register to vote.  “Bedazzle” your Facebook page.

So what are you waiting for?  Register to vote!

First Lad(ies) and Elections

4 Sep

Each first lady, current or potential new, has the daunting task of showing the human side to their spouse. They see their husbands in a different light than the rest of the world and this new side may just be what they need to win the election. This article shows the difficulties Michelle Obama may face in showing the rest of the country the other side to President Obama.


Rice setting the stage for 2016?

30 Aug

Women share their reasons for attending the GOP convention

29 Aug


It’s worth the read.

republicans prepare for their party

22 Aug

The Republican National Convention kicks off Monday in Tampa (hurricanes notwithstanding) where Mitt Romney will finally get his long sought-after GOP nomination. And considering the firestorm surrounding Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin’s buffoonery, the female stars of the party (who have already called, unsuccessfully as have Romney and Ryan, for Akin to remove himself from the ballot) will, undoubtedly, have a pretty hot spotlight placed on them, as the Republicans work to dispel the idea that they have waged a “war on women.”

The female line-up of speakers in Tampa is impressive.  It includes South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, the first Hispanic U.S. governor, and Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin.  Also scheduled for the podium is former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and rising star Kelly Ayotte, the Senator from New Hampshire.  Ann Romney, wife of the presumptive nominee will also speak.

These women have a big job to do.  It will be interesting and enlightening watching them do it.  And it will be even more interesting to see if they’re as effective at swaying those critical undecided voters as the party is certainly counting on and so desperately needs them to be.

The absence of a few names, though, is striking.  No Sarah Palin, the hockey mom from four years ago.   No Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, so visible in 2010.

Who else is missing from the list?