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11 Oct

Recently, we have been discussing incest in my Family Law class; in light of that, I decided to search for an article concerning that unsettling topic. Initially, I was hoping to find some disgusting, soap opera- like story to entertain all of us, but I found something else, and I found it to be much more thought provoking.


I came across an article written for the Harvard Crimson, addressing the title “IncestFest,” meant to describe the existence of very close communities, or houses. The author of this opinion, Samantha Berstiler, does not approve of throwing the word “incest” around when the reality of this word is terrifying and should be respected.


http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2012/10/9/berstler-incest/         If you’d like to read the article.


This made me think of several other relate able topics, which today receive little respect. Interestingly enough, all the topics generally have something to do with sex, whether it be incest, rape, or intercourse. Honestly, I do not know why this is. Why has sex become blase´? I realize that we are living in a sexual generation where sex, particularly before marriage, is more accepted and honestly, I think, assumed. But when did sex leave the realm of sensuality and seriousness and step through the threshold of hilarity?


Phrases such as “that’s what SHE said!” and  “under the sheets” are prevalent in everyday conversation, and it is not just among high school students and college students. I hear snickers for these comments from older adults.


Do you think sex is funny? If so, why? Does the joking make one perceive it in a less significant light?