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I’m In a New York State of Mind

14 Sep

Last night, I was OVERLY anticipating the Season 4 Premiere of Glee. Before plays the X-Factor. This gentlemen walked on stage after a series of awful, and he was a pleasant, goosebump stimulating surprise.

After that incredible version of that song, Glee began. Now, I am a fan of Lea Michele (as I previously mentioned in my Spring Awakening post), most hate her because they hate the character, Rachel. I happen to be a HUGE fan. And, I like the new character, Marley, who sings with her in another version of New York State of Mind.

I can’t get this song out of my head, but it’s worth it! 🙂

Mama Who Bore Me… and Lied to Me

7 Sep

This October, Ball State’s theater department is bringing Spring Awakening to University  Theater.

This Tony Award- Winning musical emphasizes the educational gap between men and women in late 1800s Germany. The story follows Wendla, played by Lea Michele, who asks her mother the age old question: where do babies come from? Her mother lies to her, merely because she is a young woman, and that lie drives the rest of the story.

Watch from approx. :25 to 6:15, and I encourage you to continue watching. It is a beautiful show.
This scene, specifically, shows Wendla asking her mother and how her mother blatantly treats her daughter like a fool.
The show should be terrific, and tickets are now on sale!