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Politics of Reality & Class Activity

3 Dec

The Politics of Reality makes a clear argument for the power of words on society. Our society’s definition of sex does not allow for the legitimacy of the lesbian relationship.

I paralleled this article to our class activity in the positions the three groups were placed in. While I was on the desk illuminated by the projector light, I was less talkative and at ease. When the roles were reversed and I was on ground level observing others on the desk, I realized I was in a position where I could scrutinize what the others wore and how they acted. After reading the article, I’m most struck by the separation the three groups felt simply by space.

As Lugones noted in her article Loving Perception (handed out in class), there was more room for arrogance instead of togetherness. Maria Lugones argues for our perception of each other to extend and towards one of love. She quotes Frye that asserts that the loving eye is “the eye of ones who knows that to know the seen one must consult something beyond one’s  own will, interests, fears, and imaginations. She defines love as a profound dependence on others without having to be subordinate, their slave, or their servant. The point that struck me the most was the juxtaposition between love and arrogance, and how we view minorities with more of the latter than the former.