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Heroine Worship

9 Dec


This past year in movies has arguably been a great one for women. From Snow White and the Huntsman, Brave, and the Hunger Games, movies introduced young brave women who aren’t afraid to kick some ass.

Not everyone’s happy about it though. Movie critic, Frank Parlato, recently quit his job because he disapproves of the roles these women are given in movies. “I don’t want to publish reviews of films where women are alpha and men are beta,” he wrote. “Where women are heroes and villains and men are just lesser versions or shadows of females.”

One movie he used as an example was Snow White and the Huntsman, which showed Snow White overcoming vulnerability, donning armor, and charging into war against the evil queen. This, Parlato claims, is “a Hollywood agenda of glorifying degenerate power women and promoting as natural the weakling, hyena-like men, cum eunuchs.”

Why does his opinion matter? According to an article from the New York Times, it matters because Hollywood is known for over-sexualizing and degrading women, and it’s surprising that in this day and age some positive portrayal of strong women in movies can be so threatening.

Hollywood is arguably one of the most sexist industies, argues the article. Smart well-rounded characters, like Hermione Granger, are only the sidekicks. Women aren’t heroes unless it’s in a ‘chick-flick’ which, of course, men would not want to see anyway. Who want’s to see a woman be the hero?

Even in comedies women aren’t funny, men are. Katherine Hiegl made Hollywood universally angry when she called Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up, sexist. She argued that the movie is “a little sexist. It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight, and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys. … I had a hard time with it, on some days. I’m playing such a bitch; why is she being such a killjoy?”

Hiegl was right, frankly, it doen’t matter how deeply immature a guy is, hot girls are gonna sleep with them anyway. And those girls are gonna be bitches and the guys are gonna be goofy and adorable. If the girl is funny, it’s because she’s dumb. That’s how comedy’s framed.

Any female heroes stereotypically are obsessed with their love lives. The chick-flick is basically a love lusting woman looking for a perfect man. Movies featuring heroines like Katniss Everdeen should be a breath of fresh air, proving that a female hero can focus on other things beyond her love life.

Hollywood, luckily, is beginning to move past gender roles for heroines. Supporting movies like the Hunger Games can make this progress more permanent. I hope we see a lot more Katniss Everdeen types of heroines in the future!!!


Dressing Modestly

9 Dec

Dressing Modestly

I found this article on Jezebel.com, and it is about women dressing modestly.  The article discusses the gendered history of modesty in a woman’s appearance.  The argument was made in the article that since modest-clothing’s beginning- it has been a way for men to oppress women, that by telling a women what she should or shouldn’t wear, is society’s way of saying that women are not in charge of their own bodies.  I am curious what everyone’s take on the matter is.   


Austrailia’s Anti-Sexting Campaign

9 Dec


This video discusses issues of sexism in a commercial that speaks about the dangers of sexting.

Not Buying it

7 Dec

ImageThe problem with this birthday card is pretty obvious… I was as boy obsessed as the next 13 year old, but telling a young woman that she needs to find a rich boyfriend to dote upon her and that this will only happen when she gets big boobs is shockingly offensive. A 13 year old girl has only just left childhood and she’s already being told that she needs to be dependent, materialistic, and have big boobs. As soon as she hits 13 is she supposed to reevaluate what gives her self worth?!? Great message…

This sexist Hallmark card was posted on Twitter in the UK. It was re-posted and criticized so much that Hallmark has stopped selling it less than 6 hours later. This was in part of MissRepresentation’s #NotBuyingIt campaign. Its amazing that we have the power as consumers to eliminate sexist products like this from society. We’re nowhere where we need to be, but it’s great that consumer action helped pull this off the shelves. 🙂