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Thankful at Thanksgiving

17 Nov

Today, in about 30 minutes, I am setting off for my Thanksgiving holiday. I will not be home until late Sunday night, but when I arrive, I will be in the presence of two incredible individuals: my parents.

Mom and Dad (left) on a company golf outing.

First, conveniently in the picture as well, is Dad. What a man! And, honestly, I do not think I have ever thought of this until this morning, but he is amazingly supportive of my mother, and of me. Approximately 4 years ago, my mom decided she no longer wanted to sell radio. Instead, she wanted to own her own advertising agency, be her own boss. My dad, who was then waking up every morning at 2am for his extremely popular radio show, said ABSOLUTELY.

It never seemed like it, but my family went on a major budget so my mom could pursue her ambition, but my dad never said a word, despite how desperately tired he was, always. He continued to be the main breadwinner, but he always focused on Mom and her efforts. He reminded her of why she was trying and why struggling would be worth it.

Today, my parents work together at ICR— My mom’s advertising agency. Still, he is in awe of her efforts and accomplishments, and he is no longer exhausted.

Mom is spectacular. She is all-enduring and lovely. Honestly, she is also hard as nails. But, I know there is no step too steep for her. She is such an inspiration. And, her company is such a success.

What made me think of this? This Thursday, Thanksgiving, my father will be the person standing at the stove. He has always seemed like the “mother” to me.

But, he’s not feminine… He’s just an incredible man who loves his wife, and supports the women in his life.

That is what I am thankful for. That is what I am celebrating this Thanksgiving.