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Gender Stereotypes

9 Dec

This is a short clip that without words describes male and female stereotypes. It points out some issues such as how women are held back from jobs, but the majority of the video is relatable. Hopefully in a few decades the gender gaps will be closer.

Not Afraid to Say It

9 Dec

I am a feminist. However, when I talk to my friends and tell them how much I enjoy my women’s in politics class they give me a weird look. I think it is unfortunate that there is still a negative connotation with the term “feminism.” So when I found this cartoon clip I thought it was humorous and true.


To see and be seen: Politics of Reality Response

2 Dec

“To be and be seen: The Politics of Reality”, begins by stating that lesbians do not exist and explaining why this can be argued as the truth. Since there is no definition that can be found that explains what this term means, the author explains that men have made sure this term does not describe a real characteristic.

This article applies to the activity in multiple ways. On the one hand, I think it would be easy to argue that the men were the group in the spotlight and the women in the shadows. This would leave lesbians as the group out in the hall and therefore counted as “out of the group”. However, I looked at it a little differently. I think that the men represent the group in the hall. They are oblivious, or at least ignoring, the existence of the other groups. Out in the hall, whatever they believed to be going on could be made to be the truth. Since that group had little knowledge of what was actually taking place. Women as a whole would represent the group in the spotlight at least in this context. The article discusses the lesbian group “looking” at the group of women and thus proving their ability to be seen. This would leave the lesbian group to be the one in the shadows which is still an accurate depiction of the group. They are the onlookers, hoping to be seen by the other groups, but at the same time, helping women as a whole to be empowered and gain the knowledge that they are actually being seen.


Sophia Rossi’s “BFF” chats

24 Nov

This is a video where Sophia Rossi (part creator of the website Hello Giggles), takes time to answer questions from girls about their friendship problems. She always has a guest on with her, and they are generally one of her own BFF’s. This is a great website for women of all ages who have friendship problems. She says in one of the videos that she does this because there are plenty of dating advice platforms out there, but not enough for girl friend problems. I really enjoyed this, and I hope you do too 🙂

Sexy Breast Cancer Campaign..?

31 Oct

As everyone knows, Breast Cancer is a serious disease. Lately there seems to be more and more campaigns that make light of it by being funny or trying to make it “sexy”. This article shows how the Susan G. Kolman foundation feels about these new campaigns.

I admit that I find the slogan “Save Second Base” to be humorous but I never stopped to think about how someone with Breast Cancer might view it. Should Breast Cancer be taken more seriously or should there be some humor in the situation?

Romney and Women

24 Oct

Romney and Women

After everything that I have seen and heard this seems rather accurate. What does everyone think?

What It Means to Be a Woman Today

11 Sep

There are many things that I could say about what it means to be a woman today…but I’m not going to go on a rant. I think that being a woman today is a rather tricky situation. Women are expected to have full time jobs but still take care of their families, we are supposed to be strong and independent but not take away a man’s masculinity, we are expected to be tough but still stay feminine.

If a woman acts helpless she is being accused of being stuck in the past. If a woman refuses help (especially from a man) she is a bra burning feminist. So what is a girl to do? Woman today need to just be left alone and stop being subjected to the stereotypes of the past and the present. Being a woman today means that there are even more demands placed upon us, not only are we supposed to keep the standard “women’s work” but also add a full time job on top of that. We are not at the same level as men but we are getting close.

I think that being a woman today is hard. We are being pulled in several different directions at once. There are so many things that a woman is “supposed” to be, many of which is a contradiction to itself. Being a woman today is you being you, but more.