I’m proud to be a woman because…

9 Nov

Why are you proud to be a woman?

I’m proud to be a woman because my mother is a woman.

What are your future goals and aspirations?

I want to graduate and go to grad school, where I will study communications and public policy. Afterwards, I want to work for the Democratic Party on messaging public policy, particularly immigration.

Who is your favorite political woman candidate for the 2012 elections and why?

Tammy Baldwin. She ran a brilliant campaign, and I’m certain it isn’t always fun to be her. She managed to run an issues-centered campaign as an openly gay woman in Wisconsin and defeat a man with high name recognition. That’s impressive.


Ugh, more election sexism

23 Oct

This article from Salon talks about Stephanie Cutter, the deputy Campaign Director for President Obama’s reelection.  It discusses how much more attention has been paid to her, even over other campaign officials who are more senior in position to her.  It also mentions the sexist undertones of these criticisms, and that the searches people conduct on the internet are for information regarding her personal life, rather than her professional one.


Plan B within New York City Schools

25 Sep


New York City Department of Education is launching the CATCH program. CATCH stands for Connecting Adolescents to Comprehensive Health. The program will allow young girls ages 14 and up to be able to receive emergency contraception without parental consent. According to the National Association of Nurses, the New York school district will be the only district to supply plan b within schools. Starting this fall, students will also be able to receive Depo-Provera. Under the CATCH program prescriptions will be written by Health Department Doctors, for such things as oral or injectable contraceptive methods.

What are your thoughts about the CATCH program and sex education within schools? Would your parents allow you to partake in the program? 


I’m a member …

20 Sep

I’m a member and secretary of the National Association for Black Journalists and the last 2 weeks we’ve had 2 inspiring women come to our meetings and share their knowledge with us about the journalism world. This story is about Sandra Chapman, an African American woman working at Channel 13 as an investigative reporter. My favorite story she told had to do with her work as a journalist helping catch a criminal 33 years after the fact. And it was right here in Indiana! I have her book and I’m almost done reading it (if you want to borrow it let me know).



27 Aug