Guess Who?

5 Dec

draft_lens2670782module15923062photo_1234661342guess_whoGuess Who?

A six-year-old girl wrote to Hasbro asking why their game Guess Who? has 19 male characters and only five female characters. I remember from playing this game that getting a female character meant an automatic loss. You could tell which cards were female characters because they were all bent from kids getting mad at who they picked (Candy Land was the same way. You could always tell when you were going to get Plumpy or Mr. Mint).

“Is your character a man or a woman?” was always the first question anyone I played with asked. If you had a woman, all 19 men were taken out of the process of elimination, and it was unlikely that you could ever win. Personally, I feel that this little girl has a point.

Unfortunately, Hasbro does not feel the same way. They replied with a statement about how their game is not sexist, saying the purpose is to realize how much we all have in common, rather than our differences. Sure….

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  1. cassiedebolt December 6, 2012 at 12:08 pm #

    Being able to knock out that many people with one question does make it sexist. Yes we all have similarities but gender is clearly one big difference.

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