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10 Dec

Living MY LIFE like its Golden. Thats the motto I live by practically everyday. Life is soo precious. I will definately be living my life like its golden after finals week. Here’s a little cheer up music for our last and final Music Monday. I love Jill Scott and her music. Sometimes we all need to let the freedom within life live. We need to free ourselves of the chains, trials, weights etc and LIVE FREE. Life is soo much better when we all can be burden free. Enjoy!

All I Want For Christmas Is You..

9 Dec

In time for Christmas. I wanted to share my all time favorite Christmas song, written by my idol Mariah Carey!!! All I want for Christmas is my song. I swear retailers that play this song get every dime possible from me. If you play this song I am willing to by the whole store!. This is a pass to stop what you’re doing and break out in song and dance (which I do often). This song is beyond classic. Christmas spirit indeed. This song just makes me soo happy and im glad to share it with you. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

Supreme Court to hear Gay Marriage Cases

9 Dec


The biggest milestone of our nation will be heard by the Supreme Court in March. According to Time it is one of the fastest moving civil rights movement in American history. Both sides of the spectrum will be equally represented among the justices when it comes to discussing the issues. One interesting fact about this new push is that even if a decision was made, there is no guarantee that it would spark a final overall decision on gay marriage. The reason is because the justices are going to question if the cases have standing. There has to be a real injury to the plaintiff for the cases to be heard. If not then the cases will be thrown out. Its a wait that is both optimistic and uneasy on both sides. What do you think will be the outcome? Do you think the justices will further the cases and decide that they have standing? If so what do you think would most likely be the decision of most of the justices? Will history repeat itself on the stance of gay marriage, or will there be a new beginning to so many lives anticipating change, rights and equality?

Easy-Bake Oven & Gender Roles

9 Dec


Me and my sister had two easy bake ovens over the course of our childhood years. Our brother wasnt as interested in cooking with us (only eating what we made) because our oven consisted of pink and purple utensils and the oven catered to young girls. As a side funny note: to us on the other hand it was one less toy for him to break and misuse. In One Girl’s Quest to Make the Easy-Bake Oven More Boy-Friendly,this 13 year old girl has taken a stance on how a lot of toy manufacturers have placed specific gender roles on their toys. She petitioned the makers of Easy Bake Oven to change the appearance of the oven to appeal to boys. Her brother is the sole reason for this push. He is fascinated by cooking and she wanted to give him an easy bake oven for christmas. When she set out to get one she noticed that all of the ovens appealed to young girls and none of them catered to boys. She felt it was “detrimental to society” that the packaging or promotional material didnt appeal to young boys. She fears that the messages they were sending was that boys work and girls cook. She just wants a overall equal approach to toys that are appealing to young kids. She wants her brother to be confident in whatever he does and if cooking is that goal she wants him to know that its not wrong to do so. She wants the ovens to be also featured in primary colors to exclude any further discrimination. This young girl was courageous enough to speak on what society has been trying to keep consistent for years. I feel Hasbro will get the message and change the very thing that has made their toy successful to being even more successful. Good job little one. Your brother will be greatful in the end.

Royal Baby: Forever Tied to Tragedy

9 Dec

The unfortunate events of the suicide of Kate Middleton’s nurse, has left the two radio show host to be reevaluated themselves for psychological reasons. Both host have gone incognito and have isolated themselves from work, the media, and even family. According to Mel Greig’s family and friends, they have no clue as to where she is. It’s sad that Kate and her family, especially her unborn child now will be forever tied to such craziness. It is too early in the investigation to show whether or not the radio station host are solely to blame for this tragedy but according to Time in Scrutiny Builds at Radio Station that Prank Called London Hospital, the overwhelming national publicity has shown their dislike for the two hosts. Like mentioned before it is a little to early to place blame. We don’t really know this woman’s state of mind prior and after the incident. To solely blame these too are just absurd. The media overall needs to take responsiblity of how they go about to acquire information. The lengths some will take to get the scoop is frightening. This unfortunate event, I hate to say, is an eye opener, example and a warning to all. We should be cautious in the way we report, investigate etc to get the top news. We never know people’s mental state.

Drama is So Overated

9 Dec

The story over LeAnn Rimes is getting old. I’m ranting because the more I hear about this woman and her infidelity story that was how many years ago? the more I’m like can we just squash it already! Yes, we are sadden by the actions that had taken place, yet so tired of hearing about it. I totally understand Eddie’s ex wife’s reason to get back at LeAnn but I feel she should have done that years ago when the door was wide open for some sort of retaliation. Now its like your just hungry for attention. Yeah your man cheated, okay say something about it then be done with it. Move on. Life is too short to be hampering about it. Leave the trashy talk and pointless accusations at home. Stop flooding tabloids and the media about this other woman and get a NEW life.  Then you have LeAnn, who in some ways is feeling the effects of her decisions. Though you can only play the damsel in distress for soo long. Its kind of along the lines of you reap what you sow. I do feel on the other hand the way she has dealt with the situation has been too publicized. Stop talking about it. If you need some type of psychological help seek it out. But retaliating against the ex is just plain messy. You clearly don’t want to be in the midst of the media like that so don’t cater to the ex’s attention, it’s clearly what she wants. I do understand the need to defend yourself, but nobody clearly cares anymore which is why she’s taking her frustrations out on you again. She shes you moving on and rebuilding your life. She needs to take a tip or two. Okay im done now. I hope im not the only one who feels this way. I dont just feel this way about this particular story, I do with all cheating scandals and their fall outs. Drama is overrated now. I credit my rant to TMZ and their recent story on LeAnn not being addicted to laxatives and not being anorexic.



America In 4 Minutes

9 Dec

I’m in love with this video and the message it sends out to our American people.
This video was sooo amazing. I loved how he touched on several situatoins that our country overlooks. I love how in the background everything that he mentioned in his poem was writtin on the wall in the shape and colors of our American flag. So creative. I love how people can talk about our imperfections as a nation and calls for a challenge for everyone to get together and change our country for the good. His video was really inspiring. Everyone should definatley watch this video and get inspired to what to make a change. Enjoy!!

Girl on Fire

3 Dec

Alicia Keys sure knows how to make a song so memorable and empowering. She is definately are girl (woman) on fire and she doesn’t look like shes about to slow down anytime soon. Enjoy

Politics of Reality: Response

2 Dec


I feel as though the author was trying to convey how women no matter what status they portray are always oppressed and to some extent will continue to be oppressed. Women aren’t looked as individuals and always seem to be subject of man. It is like you have a man, and then oh there is the woman. Men are the “dominant reality”. Women are just going through the motions. Everything pretty much caters to man. Women are slowly being removed from society. We see this everyday with the constant demoralizing of women in the media, constant ridicule from peers and outsiders. The author also states one of the obvious conclusions to this phenomenon. She states that many men find women “unintelligible” to them. “I imagine men are like people who for some reason can see everything but automobiles and are constantly and painfully perplexed by blast and roars, thumps and bumps, which they cannot avoid, control or explain…for such men do seem to recognize our physical existence, or at least the existence to some of our parts. What they do not see is our souls” (165). Men do have the ability to oppress the situation and not giving women the credit where it is due.

The in class activity reflected a lot of this what this article had acclaimed. The people outside the room were the oppressed and left out individuals. They aren’t seen and they have no voice. So when they speak no word is taken seriously. The ones on the table signified the ones constantly in the spotlight, constantly under some pressure, open to all types of subjectivity. Their voices are overshadowed by their spotlight. The observers represented the ones who sit back and watch. They represent the ones who probably stir up the controversy about the other two groups. They kind of hold the power. I do feel that women today do fill these roles. As bad as it might seem, we could be one of the reasons why we are being somewhat eliminated, it’s because of what we do to each other. I feel as though until we come together and squash the individual agendas then we are moving in the right direction in to repairing the stage set forth and made for us women positively.

Texting the Teenage Patient

2 Dec

How would you like for your doctor to send you messages regarding your health. In the article Texting the Teenage Patient, the physicians do just that. I would have killed for my doctors to every once in a while remind me of healthy living styles and other medical importance type information. There of course like a lot of controversial topics, are disadvantages and advantages. The doctors in these cases are using social media to reach out to their patients and clients. On behalf of the physicians social media is a better way for them to communicated with those teenagers who are shy and embarrassed to ask question concerning their health. It is also a faster way to inform them giving that today’s generation is so fixated on what is at their fingertips. Then you have the ones who feel this might add to the question of patient-doctor boundaries. Should there be rules over content, hours, privacy etc? This is just a little overview. The article itself explains a lot more. Let me know what you guys think.