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Don’t Marry a Career Woman, Don’t Marry a Lazy Man

28 Oct

The ongoing battle between the sexes will never die down. I read this opinion article by that expressed the concerns of one pompous, arrogant man and his views on how men shouldn’t marry career women. The counter argument was written by his colleague who couldn’t have silenced him any better. He felt that men who marry women with a career will not be happy and are opening a can of slimy worms. There’s a lot more that I could go on and on about, I rather you read both sides through this link. Let me know how you feel. I had to take a couple of minutes to myself after this article. He couldn’t have been more wrong about successful women. Ugh, women can’t win for nothing. Men want smart, intelligent, beautiful, and inspiring women, but once they achieve that the woman has to dumb down to accent you pride and ego…get over yourselves!!!! Give women the credit where it is due, and take advantage of having a woman on your arm that is on her A- game. Let me know what you think.

Here’s the link: