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Female retail CEOs

30 Oct

Time magazine put out an article about women in CEO positions in the retail industry. They said that in all Fortune 500 companies women make up only 3.8% of CEOs and only 1.7% in the retail industry. The author believes it is because of the hectic schedule and big demands a CEO position puts on women who want to have a family too. Tory Burch, CEO of her namesake company, urges women to take a stand and be ambitious in their goals. In an industry aimed so well at women, why are there not more female CEOs?

Muslim Brotherhood trains women for parliament

30 Oct

The Muslim Brotherhood political party in Cairo is training women to help them gain more seats in parliament. Currently there are only 5 women out of 213 in Egypt’s parliament. Some people believe that this is a great thing and others think that the Brotherhood is only doing it to make themselves look good. With the stereotype about women and Muslims, what does everyone think of this?

Early menopause?

30 Oct

How many of you wear makeup? My guess is that the majority of you either wear makeup everyday or at least occasionally. This article addresses a study done that suggests that chemicals in makeup can cause women to go through menopause earlier than those that do not. Not that most of us in the class need to worry about going through menopause anytime soon, it is something interesting to think about.